International Congress O.I.A.

From the 11 to 12 of September 2021 - Online Congress

The congress wants to be a “state of the art” of osteopathy applied in sports, both in high-level professional and amateur sport practice. The international scientific literature is rather poor of scientific publications in this field and the conference aims to be the starting point of the cultural growth of European and international osteopaths. Not only the scientific works but also hypothesis of experienced based applied practice.

Program of the O.I.A. Congress

11 of September 2021

9:00 – Lectio magistralis: Osteopathy and sport, when, how and why. Marcello Luca Marasco, DO, Roumanian National Rowing Team at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020; Principal at Schools of Osteopathy AbeOS (Italy) and OIA (Romania)

9:45 – Glenomeral Internal Rotation Deficit (GIRD) in overhead throwing athletes: potential and prospective of OMT. Francesco Senigagliesi D.O.m.ROI. 

10:15 – Question time for the lectures just presented;

10:45 – Coffee break;

11:15 – Adverse events after cervical spine manipulation. A systematic review. Casarini Davide, D.O. 

11:45 – Osteopathic manipulative treatment in the setting of prevention of knee and ankle injuries on a firefighters test group. D’Arpa Dario D.O. 

12:15 – Increased jumping performance after OMT. D’Alessandro Mauro (Students at AbeOS, School of Osteopathy). 

12:45 – Question time for the lectures just presented;

13:15 – End of the morning session, lunch break;

15:00 – Validation of the osteopathic differential diagnosis test discriminating between ligamentous-capsular joint VS hyaline joint disfunction. Nicola Bianchi, D.O. *

15:30 – State of art about athletic pubalgia. Boccaletti Dario and Bernardi Erika (Students at AbeOS, School of Osteopathy).

16:00 – Question time for the lectures just presented

16:30 – Coffee break

17:00 – Evaluation of recurrent osteopathic patterns in professional rowing athletes. Colantoni Daniele D.O.*2

17:30 – Heart rate variability and stress variations in the autonomic nervous system following an OMT protocol. Luca Valsuani D.O. *3

18:00 – Question time for the lectures just presented

18:30 – End of the afternoon session.

*1 representing other authors (Giorgio Angelotti, D.O., Cambule Fabiano D.O., Nicola Carnicelli D.O., Sandro Giobbi D.O., Laura Panzani D.O., Massimo Piram D.O., Francesco Paperini D.O., Federico Rocchiccioli D.O.)

*2 representing other authors (Rubino Salvatore D.O., Fioretti Sandro D.O.)

*3 representing other authors (Fabio Miglioli D.O., Alice Ugolini D.O.)

12 of September 2021

From 9:00 to 13:00 (10:45 – coffee break): Workshop by Marcello Luca Marasco:

Osteopathy in sport field: benchmarks, evaluation of the athletes, treating the athletes.

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    Francesco Senigagliesi

    Osteopath graduated at Abe Osteopathy School, Doctor in Sport and Exercise Science. Member of Team GAS (Group AbeOS for Sport) and osteopath for Romanian National Rowing Team, teaching assistant at AbeOS.
    Work as an osteopath in Italy.

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    Davide Casarini

    Graduation in Osteopathy, at ABEOS (Italy) and graduation in exercise sciences. Kinesiologist and rehabilitator at “Fisiomedilab” medical center, Reggio Emilia. Athletic trainer, massage therapist in american football, soccer and various fitness centers.

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    Dario D'Arpa

    Dario D’Arpa is an osteopath graduated in 2019 at the ABEOS school in Bologna, he collaborates with the association CollegaMenti, network of health professionals in Pisa.

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    Mauro D’Alessandro

    After graduation in physiotherapy in 2011, he felt the need to go further, to have a global view of the human body. For this reason, he undertook studies to become an osteopath in 2014 and to become an animal osteopath in 2018 also.

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    Nicola Bianchi

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    Dario Boccaletti

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    Erika Bernardi

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    Daniele Colantoni

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    Luca Valsuani

    Osteopath D.O. m.Roi. at ABE O.S. Osteopathy School. Graduated in Physiotherapy at the University of Pisa (IT). Graduated in Global Postural Re-education at U.I.P.T.M. in Saint-Mont (FR). I work as an Osteopath in my private practice in Marina
    di Carrara (IT)

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