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Enrollment of students

How do you become an O.I.A. student? By enrolling at the school (bringing to the institute’s secretariat, also via e-mail, 2 passport photos, your educational qualifications, payment of the enrollment fee of € 100).

Degree, qualifications and prerequisites valid for admission to the training course

To access the training path that leads to becoming an osteopath D.O. qualifications are required, anyone cannot access them. You have to be a physiotherapist or a graduate of the faculty of medicine, dentistry, nursing, and physical education. The other health professions must be evaluated in the study curriculum, the school reserves the right not to accept people with a training course that does not have the basis to undertake the school of osteopathy.

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Enrollment school fees, participation in seminars

To be a student of osteopathy of the O.I.A. institute a first cost of € 100 is claimed, this sum is paid only at the time of enrollment and then it will not be paid for the entire training period (30 seminars) until the final exam. During the teaching year the student is required to pay € 320 for each seminar to be paid before the start of the seminar (students will not be admitted to the lessons without payment). The final exam for obtaining the D.O. provides for a currently non-quantifiable examination fee. The student does not receive a certificate of participation in the single course as all his training in O.I.A. it is registered on a Scholastic Career Certificate staff that can be requested at any time.

Costs include teaching material, Distance Learning, lessons and free participation in training activities at the AbeOS schools in Italy, as well as participation with extremely favorable participation fees at the O.I.A. and their workshops.

Tuition fees for individual seminars for external learners

To participate in the individual seminars of the osteopathy school of O.I.A. without being a student it is possible following a four-step procedure:

  • e-mail with request for participation must be sent, as early as possible with respect to the date of the seminar, indicating one’s own academic qualifications and any training in progress;
  • the response of the O.I.A. which assesses the congruence between the applicant and the course’s educational contents as well as the number of participants that can never exceed 25 classroom attendance for quality educational offer;
  • in case of a positive reply the applicant makes the payment of € 350 to the account of O.I.A. and send mail of document certifying payment;
  • I.A. communicate and confirm participation in the course.

The student receives a certificate of participation in the course.

Attention: O.I.A. admits, for a single learner, a maximum of three participations per teaching year in the monothematic seminars.

All the payments must be in advance at:

ABE Scientific Association

IBAN: IT58D0538740720000002919099 – BIC: BPMOIT22 XXX
Reason: registration OIA Iasi


Prohibition of video recording

Video recordings of lessons are prohibited, also in relation to the European privacy legislation that came into force in May 2019. O.I.A. will arrange a video operator to make available to the students (without additional costs) the video of the most salient techniques and parts of the lessons in that seminar.

Rules relating to absences and attendance at the school of osteopathy

The formation of the future osteopath in the school of osteopathy is strongly correlated to the presence in the lessons and to the didactic activities in the clinic. Absences must be retrieved with synthesis and revision lessons by professors/tutors, instructed and coordinated for the purpose by Professor Dorina Chirillà, osteopath ², on dates provided by the school, will take place in two days on a weekend (Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday), will have a cost of € 150, always to be paid in advance. The student cannot exceed the maximum number of two seminars in which he is absent. That is, if he is absent at three or more seminars, he cannot be admitted the following year. He will obviously be able to repeat the year of the course by attending those seminars in which he was absent in the previous year and continue his journey up to the D.O.