Osteopathic International Academy

The Osteopathic International Academy (O.I.A.) is a training and scientific research institution dedicated to osteopathy and its correlations with the rest of medicine.

Iasi – Romania. Osteopathy course organized by O.I.A.

Prima Şcoală de Osteopatie din Iaşi

The Osteopathic International Academy (O.I.A.) is an educational institute based in Sofia (Bulgaria). OIA’s mission is spreading osteopathy, specifically in countries in Eastern Europe.

Meet Our Team

More than 20 years of experience in
Osteopathic medicine and Teaching

We help people realize their dreams for the well-being of every future patient.

Our Vision

We firmly believe in osteopathy starting from its principles.
In compliance with the indications of the World Health Organization, our efforts are aimed to integrate osteopathic medicine into traditional medicine in public or private healthcare.

Our Mission

Spread osteopathic medicine starting from Eastern European countries where it is almost unknown. We want to achieve our goals granting a high-quality training. We also believe that scientific research is an instrument functional to realize our vision.

O.I.A. deschide înscrierile pentru Şcoala de osteopatie cu sediul în oraşul Iaşi.

Un concept de Osteopatie bazat pe raţionament clinic şi ştiinţific

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