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Scientific Coordinator

Marcello Luca Marasco

The Scientific Coordinator of O.I.A. (CS) is the promoter of our vision. The appointment of Marcello Luca Marasco as Scientific Coordinator has been done by OIA’s Legal Representative after having considered his experience, his personal motivation and his skills to share them.

The Scientific Coordinator organizes and plans the congresses and all the training events he coordinates and stimulates the creation of scientific research groups.

  Curs coordonat ştiinţific de către: Dr. Marcello Luca Marasco, Osteopat şi Fizioterapeut
– Fondator al şcolii de osteopatie AbeOS (Italia)
– Membru în Comisia OsEAN (Ostheopathic European Academic Network)
– Osteopatul echipei naţionale române de canotaj, MotoGP, Euroleague basket, volei si rugby.

Scientific Committee for Sofia congress, September 2021

O.I.A. has appointed a Scientific Committee for the congress of O.I.A. 2020 with the aim to evaluate the oral presentation works  as well as the congress posters.
The list of members will be published as soon as the committee will complete the nominations.

Tim Daelemans

Tim Daelemans has studied physiotherapy at the university of Leuven in Belgium. He graduated from the Flanders International College of Osteopathy and completed his MSc in Osteopathy at the International university of Dresden. Currently he is the principal of the Osteopathy Academy FICO in Antwerp (Belgium) and Warsaw (Poland). He is the head a of a large private clinic in Belgium, managing several medical doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, psychologists, logopedists, sexologists and dietitians. He is the head of the scientific research department and teaches at the Academy. Tim is also an international postgraduate teacher of manipulation techniques, as well as discal pathology and semiology. He also teaches several subjects at the Osteopathy Academy at an undergraduate level.

Tim is also active on the political front for osteopathy. He is the Secretary general of the Osteopathic European Network. He is a member of the scientific committee and paediatric committee. He is co-author of the CEN document on Osteopathy and is a member of the drafting committee at the Center of European Normalisation. Tim is an auditor for the Austrian Standard Institute (ASI). He works for the ASI as a quality auditor for Osteopathic Educational providers. On a personal note Tim pursues the teaching of Osteopathic Medicine from the philosophical and historical perspective up to the newest insights in the Osteopathic profession.

Sandra Lois Gutiérrez

Spanish osteopath specialized in the approach of the visceral field and in the perinatal care of women. With extensive clinical and teaching experience, she is a teacher in several countries through the FBEO (Formación Belga-Española de Osteopatía), in which she also provides academic advise. 

She completed her osteopathy studies in 2009 and got her MSc degree in Biomechanics applied to damage at Comillas Pontifical University (Spain) in 2012.

Her view of the osteopathic approach emphasizes the integration of all body systems and a therapeutic approach of minimal and precise intervention on the elements responsible of the physiological adaptation by the patient.

She is currently president of the Spanish Registry of Osteopaths (ROE), from where she defends the osteopathic profession under the European Standardon osteopathy (EN16686).

Giandomenico D’Alessandro

D.O. osteopath and researcher at COME Collaboration, has a wide interest in the translation of paradigms and neurophysiological phenomena, such as interoception, sensitization and placebo effect in order to optimize both the orientation and the clinical outcome.

He has published several papers in these fields, recently enriched by the study of placebo control in clinical trials of manual medicine.

Maura Gabriela Felea

I attended the university studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine of Iasi, Romania. The specialty of Geriatrics-Gerontology crowned these efforts, including a modular year at the IMTR – Ste. Therese – St. Joseph Hospitals, in a project of interuniversity collaboration with the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

Returning to Iasi, I have applied for the position of teacher in the Medical Semiology Discipline at the “Grigore T. Popa” University, advancing to the position of Head of Works.
The experience of these years has shown me the role of kinetotherapy, psychotherapy and melotherapy and, recently, the role of osteopathy in the complex management of the patients.
And my steps did not stop here, being guided to Prevention and Sports Medicine.

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